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Let's Charrette


Let’s Charrette!

Ken Gruskin  - Photo courtesy of The Gruskin Group

Ken Gruskin - Photo courtesy of The Gruskin Group

About The Charrette & Ken Gruskin

Imagine finding yourself at a table of designers from varying disciplines with a range of talents, egos, and expertise. Now imagine having to collaborate together on a single project with an impossible deadline. Welcome to Let’s Charrette®, an Integrated Design Experience! At this event, 10+ teams of randomly grouped designers (Interior, Graphic, Industrial, and Digital) will be given three hours to solve our latest design challenge. At the end of the charrette, each team will be expected to deliver a presentation showcasing brand identity, packaging, retail environment design, fixture displays, and interior graphics. Achieving this with designers that haven’t had the experience of working with other disciplines will be no easy task. With everyone looking at a problem from different points of view, design languages, and sensibilities, it can be difficult to build a unified vision that incorporates and builds on each individual’s strengths. That’s why we believe this event will be invaluable to your personal and professional growth. So, while we can’t give away the exact details of this year’s project, we can promise that it will be fun, challenging, enlightening, and a great opportunity to make connections.

Please join us for Let’s Charrette®, an Integrated Design Experience!

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